Auszug aus: A Bigraphical and Genealogical History of Southeastern Nebraska“ Lewis Publishing Company, 1904 (Heinrich Friedrich Rogge lebte zum Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung des obigen Buches bei guter Gesundheit. Es darf also angenommen werden, dass viele Einzelheiten der dargestellten Biografie dem Autor von ihm selbst mitgeteilt wurden.) „J.H.F. Rogge, or Fred Rogge, as he is known among his acquaintances, is one of the most extensive farmers and stock-breeders in Nemaha County, and now when he has nearly arrived at the seventieth milestone of his‘s life journey he can look back on a career of gratifying prosperity and most useful endeavour. He is a stanch American transplanted from Germany, where he spent the first half of his life. Although he had some money when he arrived in this country, the greater part of his prosperity has been gained in this land of opportunity, where his industry, capable management and faithful endeavour have resulted in much greater fruit than in the old country. His home farm of three hundered and twenty acres in Washington precinct, with post office in Auburn, is one of the model places in this vicinity, and is a delightful spot in which to spend the years of retirement which he has so richly merited through his earlier toil. He has been resident of this county since 1870, and is classed as a pioneer and respresentative citizen of a county whose organized existence does not antedate by many years of his arrival. Mr. Rogge was born in Hanover, Germany, August 6, 1835, a son of Jonas and Annie Kathrine Hoopmann, the former of whom was born in the same place in 1803, and was a freeholder farmer in Germany, where he died at the age of fifty-eight and his wife at the age of fourty. Mr. Rogge was one of their seven sons who where reared to manhood. He had a fair education in his native place, and from an early age has been accustomed to the duty of farm life. He was a tenant farmer in Germany for some years, and in 1868 brought his family to the new world, landing in New York, August 1st. He and his wife then possed eight hundred dollars in gold, and they began as tenant farmers in Scott county, Iowa, where they remained two years. In 1870 they started for Nebraska, taking the boat at Quincy, Illinois, and going by way of the Missouri river to Leavensworth, Kansas, whence they arrived in Nemaha county in April. For the first three years he rented land, and then bought one hundred and twenty acres land near Auburn; paying three hundred dollars for the twenty-year lease and sevendollar an acre for the land. That farm remained his home for nine years, and then he bought a quarter-section where he now lives, and two years later the other quarter-section, paying sixteen hundred dollars for the first and twenty-one hundred for the second. In all he now owns six farms, aggregating one thousand acres, with eight sets of buildings, of which he has build four sets. His leading enterprise has been the raising and the fall- feeding of stocks. He has shipped about two cars each year, and has fed some fine shorthorn stocks. He has also marketed from fifty to one hundred hogs each year. Over one hundred acres have annually been devoted to the raising of corn, producing from fifty to eighty bushels an acre, and about eighty acres of wheat, some of which has gone high as thirty-five bushels to the acre, while from fitfty to seventy-five tons of hay have been put away each year. He also planted several orchards on his place. Since coming to this country Mr. Rogge has cast his vote with the Republican party, and he and his family have adhered to the Lutheran religion. Mr. Rogge was married in Germany in 1863 to Miss Anna Marie Boling [Böhling], who was born May 28,1838, in Hannover, a daughter of John and Anna (Eggis [Evers]) Boling, farmers and landowners in Germany. Mr. and Mrs. Rogge have had six children: Henry, born in Germany, is a farmer in Washington precinct, and has a wife and a son and a daughter. Emma, the wife of William Kinkal [Kienker], of the same pricinct, has three chrildren. William F. is a bachelor farmer on one of the hundred and sixty acre farms. John, who is running the home farm of three hundred and twenty acres, married Anna Mary Boehlin [Böhling]. Anna Mary is at home and Frederick died in Iowa whe one year old.“


Heinrich FRIEDRICH Rogge (1835-1911)
Familie Heinrich Friedrich Rogge, um 1885
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